Here at, we endeavor to efficiently assist consumers in acquiring fast, convenient online cash loans. That being said, we need to point out that is not a lender. Instead, we are a connecting service between potential loan borrowers and the members of our nationwide affiliate lender network.’s partner lenders and service providers carefully go over the information you include in a brief online loan request form and use it to determine if they have offers for you. These lending professionals determine the interest rates, fees and other terms for their fast loans in full accordance with established federal and state laws.

Asking for Quick Loan Assistance

The first thing you need to do in acquiring loan assistance through is submit an online cash loan request, which is totally free to do even if you don’t actually end up borrowing any money through our website, and meet a few standard eligibility criteria. The loan request form takes only about five minutes to fill out online, and you do not have to submit extensive paperwork along with it. The details and data that you include in your loan request will be what the decision on whether or not you are offered a loan ends up being based upon.

With quick online cash loans, you can get near-instant emergency funds to tide you over until your next paycheck shows up. Your lender will be able to electronically deposit an amount between $100 and $5,000 into your bank account in as little as one business day.

Not all cash loan requests get approved, but the chances that you’ll be approved for speedy funds will go up significantly if you normally have your regular paycheck directly deposited into your bank account.

To be eligible for fast, convenient loan assistance through, you have to meet the following criteria:

  • Be either a U.S. citizen or legal resident.
  • Earn an income of at least $1,000/month after taxes.
  • Possess a valid phone number and valid email address.
  • Have a checking account under your name.
  • Be a minimum of 18 years old.

In the event that your loan request ends up being turned down, you absolutely can submit another request later. There is no waiting period whatsoever to do this, and you can actually submit loan requests as frequently as you want to, always without any charge.

Once you request a loan, we will attempt to connect you with one of our lenders or service providers. If a lender approves you, we will redirect you to the appropriate lender’s electronic signature page, where the lender will clearly disclose in writing the rates, fees and other terms associated with the loan that they are offering. At that point, you can choose to either agree to the offer or terminate your loan request.

Benefits of Fast Online Cash Loans

It is true that the interest rates attached to fast online cash loans can be higher than the interest rates on bank loans of equal value. However, at the same time, with ease you can get approved for assistance from’s affiliate lenders within mere minutes of the time you turn in your loan request, and without any hassle at all for you.

Because there is not all kinds of paperwork involved, you should find that borrowing money through takes less time and is way more convenient than going to a bank or credit union and trying to get some help from them. And let’s face it — when you’re dealing with a real emergency and you need some quick funds to take care of it, it’s not feasible for you to wait weeks and weeks to learn whether or not you’ve been approved for a loan from your local brick-and-mortar financial institution.

Loan Rates and Fees

Since the lenders disclose their loan terms in full before a customer’s official acceptance of a loan offer, the final decision regarding whether or not to accept a loan from one of them is totally up to you, and you are never obligated to agree to a particular offer.